Children’s Program

Our school year program consists of Sept-June programming for ages 6+, and 11 week classes for younger children.

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Class descriptions

Creative Movement – 
Creative movement is a playful introduction to the joys of dancing, with a focus on dance steps and patterns, relationship to music, and storytelling through movement.

Pre-Ballet – 
Pre-Ballet is a stepping stone to the formal dance technique classes that follow in the MAGMA program. The class introduces basic classical ballet technique and class structure, together with fun movement games and improvisations. A great introduction to dance study for the young student.

Ballet –
Ballet at MAGMA offers classical ballet technique taught methodically and safely to give the young dancer a solid foundation in their dance training, and a disciplined, thoughtful environment to develop in. Classes focus on development of strength, flexibility, body awareness, musicality and artistry.

Contemporary Modern –
Dance technique classes with influence from the Modern Dance lineage, with a thorough development of movement vocabulary and implementation into dance phrases.

Modern Dance Foundations – 
This beginner friendly modern dance technique class is perfect for teens who do not have prior dance training. The class bases off Horton technique and improvisation.

Strength and Skills –
Strength and Skills is an all ages (6+) kids class for a fun, high-energy mix of conditioning, agility training, and strength building. Work on skills like handstands, cartwheels and other inversions, splits, turns, and jumps.

Kids’ Capoeira – 
We are offering a Level I class for ages 5-13.  Beginner’s Class is for kids just starting out, ages 4-7. Kids 8 and up can go right into the regular class even as beginners. See class description below,

Capoeira – see adult class page for sign-up
This Afro-Brazilian art form combines elements of dance, martial arts, music, and acrobatics into a fluid, no contact game between two players. Training Capoeira develops stamina, strength, flexibility, and self-awareness. Classes led by  Ramon Alves, affiliated with the Boston-based group Mandingueiros dos Palmares,  Mestre Chuvisco. Ages 13+.

Storytelling Through Movement – 
In this class, we will create our own dances, telling the stories of who we are, from dancing our names to dancing our favorite things, to dancing stories from classical ballet. Ages 4-6
From Story to Stage –

This is a theatre class in which the students collaborate to create an original story and then create a performance from that story.  A variety of theatre games will serve as inspiration, as we explore character, narrative, and what makes a great story.  We will begin each class with movement games that also involve storytelling. Ages 6-9

Adaptive Dance-
This class offers a fun, patient, and encouraging environment to make dance accessible to differently-abled kids ages 8-15. We recommend a screening conversation with the Director to make sure this is the right class for your child. Target audience: kids with movement impairments, neurodivergence, or sensory processing issues. This is not for children with extreme behavioral issues.

Teens 15 and older are welcome to take classes in the Adult program, please check with the studio to find the right level class for your teen.

MAGMA Philosophy

Dance is an artistic expression that has been meaningful to young and old across cultures and throughout human history- from sacred rituals, to folk dances, to the professional stage.  Introducing young people to this rich world of dance, and the rewarding practice of developing one’s body and mind through a physical discipline, is one of our most important and beloved jobs here at MAGMA. ….Read More

INCLEMENT WEATHER: In event of inclement weather, MAGMA follows Gloucester public school cancellations and/or Gloucester snow emergency with regards to class cancellations.  Communications with families will be made as soon as possible when we cancel a class.