Children’s Program & Tuition Info

Need-based scholarships are available, please inquire  

Young Movers Program (under age 6)

$100 – 180 per semester for one class per week, depending on the length of class. There are approximately 11 classes in a semester. There are Peek Weeks at the end of each session, where parents and relatives can come observe class. After the Spring session, children will participate in a recital with other classes from the YMP.

Children’s Program (ages 6+)

Children’s classes (ages 6+) go from September to June, with tuition by monthly auto-pay.  Year-round payment can be made if preferable to monthly autopay. Children in the Level-staged program will either be on the Ballet track or Contemporary track for course selection. For those not able to make the commitment to the Level-track program, single classes are available, either to pay by the year in full or as a single class autopay for $55/month.

Level I (ages 6-8) – 2 classes per week, $85/month

Level II (ages 7-9) – 2 classes per week $100/month, or 3 classes per week $130/month

Level III (ages 9-12) – 3 classes per week $140/month, or 4 classes per week $190/month

Level IV (ages 11-14) – 3 classes per week $140/month, or 4 classes per week $190/month

Level V + up (ages 14+) – 5 classes per week, $210/month

For examples of course selection in the track model,. please click here

MAGMA Dance and Performance Team

$75/month for MAGMA students, $100/month for non-MAGMA students.  You must audition for Dance Team – get all the info here!


Children – $40/month, one class per week

Teens – $100/month, 2 classes per week

There are several special events with our parent organization, Mandingueiros dos Palmares, that students can participate in throughout the year.

  • Payment is due before or at first class of session
  • Minimum enrollment for autopay is 3 months
  • The studio must be contacted in person, by phone or email for to withdraw from the program. We need a minimum of 20 days advance notice to stop autopay.
  • No refunds for absences or cancelled classes due to holidays and/or weather.
  • Minimum enrollment of four dancers per class. Class may be cancelled if the minimum enrollment is not reached before the start of the semester.