Tint and Texture

MAGMA presents “Tint and Texture: Dances Made for the Moment,” an evening of choreography and improvisational dance and music, directed by Sarah Slifer Swift and Dawn Pratson, with dancers Lisa Bouchie, Jiliian Chavez​-Oliveira, Sophia Dunzelman, Myles Kercher, Anna Kharaz, Carey McKinley and Cynthia Williams. Installation artwork by KayeLynn Johnson-Shoucair A reception will follow the performance


The People Danced on Film

MAGMA 11 Pleasant St., Suite 64, Gloucester, MA, United States

"The People Danced" project looks into the living memory of the history of social dance in Gloucester, as part of Gloucester 400+. It is a collaboration between Project Director Sarah Slifer Swift, the Gloucester Cultural Initiative, and filmmaker Casey Buckles.  Come see the debut of two original films that are reflections of live events that

Dance Team Audition

The MAGMA Dance and Performance Team, which meets for  rehearsals on Saturdays from 12:30-2:30pm, is an amazing opportunity to grow your talent and skills as a dance/movement artist. Work with professional mentors to help you guide and challenge you as you create your own choreographies. The Spring Session session runs March 23 through June 16.

BDT Fundraiser Performance

MAGMA 11 Pleasant St., Suite 64, Gloucester, MA, United States

Join us for a very special collaboration between Boston Dance Theater, MAGMA, and Matthew Swift Gallery to benefit Boston Dance Theater’s fifth season. Taking place on March 16 from 5PM-8PM, and hosted by Movement Arts Gloucester MA (MAGMA) and Matthew Swift Gallery, this event will feature a new  new, plant aware dance performance and visual art from Boston Dance Theater

Scribble: Animal Party

MAGMA 11 Pleasant St., Suite 64, Gloucester, MA, United States

We welcome you to enter the unexpected and unpredictable world in which the animal and the party intersect! Come all you zebras dancing and leopards playing the piano! Come every iguana-headed flying monkey with teacups in hand! Come with your tentacle jump ropes and scaly hoola hoops! Come by wing, flipper or claw! ...but seriously, costumes are