North Atlantic Dance Theatre

North Atlantic Dance Theatre presents 1:2 An Intimate Abstraction.

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One piece of music: Two distinguished works.

Join North Atlantic Dance Theatre’s Black box Ballet series for an evening of exploration to see how one piece of music can inspire two different choreographic gems.

The use of two choreographers to create works on the same piece of music offers audiences a brief glimpse into the mind of each choreographer showcasing the choices, themes, concepts each one has been inspired to create through the music.

Delve into the minds of our choreographers and composer with a Q & A after the show!

Meet our Artists:

Beau Kenyon is a composer of multidisciplinary projects that expand the accessibility of new music through installations, site-specific work, and education outreach. He has collaborated with creative professionals at Urbanity Dance, Boston Conservatory at Berklee, Parsons School of Design, and M.I.T. Co-Lab Radio. He most recently served as the Boston Public Library’s first Composer-in-Residence, premiering new multidisciplinary work, creating writing and sound curriculum for teens, and a performing arts discussion group for senior citizens.

Our Choreographers:

Colleen Edwards is a dancer with North Atlantic Dance Theatre who has been broadening her skills as a choreographer. Ms. Edwards has presented many choreographic pieces on main stages around the country including two full-length ballets. Her newest piece is a study of time and history affecting two separate people. The choice to accept ones past and move past or to cling to it therefore forfeiting their control.

Margaret Wiss is interested in the interaction between dance and science. As a choreographer and artist she wishes to reveal the invisible motion of physical forces in the world. Attracted to dynamic movement, which investigates the perception of dance as a scientific sport, she explores the interactions of dance and the environment  inside and outside the body.

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