Streaming @ MAGMA

Thanks for joining MAGMA Streaming with Zoom Meetings!

HI! I continue to update this page as a courtesy to all my streaming members, but the new system assigns a new link for each class and some mornings I forget (or am late) to update this page. The most reliable way to get into class is to sign yourself in via Momence or my website.  If you are having trouble signing in, text me at 978-394-5797 for best chance of joining us.

CLICK HERE for the video library of past streams and other class offerings!


Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:00am Active Stretch & Strength:

Tuesday 8:00am Workout Combo:

Monday Intermediate Ballet Zoom 9:15am

Wednesday All Levels Ballet Zoom 9:15am

Saturday 8:00am All Levels Barre

There are good resources for assistance in joining Zoom meeting at their website: HELP JOINING A MEETING