Dance Team

The MAGMA Dance and Performance Team meets for 2 hour rehearsals on Saturdays, and is an amazing opportunity to grow your talent and skills. Dance Team focuses on youth choreography, empowering kids to find their artistic voices in dance through making. The process is mentored by professional faculty who thoughtfully guide and build skills that inform the work.

Dance Team meets from September 28, 2024 – March 22, 2025. Cost: $90/month

Public performing opportunities include performances at MAGMA, High Street Studios in Ipswich, as well as performing opportunities in community.

Dance Team is an audition-based group

IN-PERSON AUDITION: September 7, 2024, 1-2pm, at MAGMA

STEP 1: REGISTER – the registration is free. You must register here whether doing in-person or video audition.

STEP 2: Attend live audition on September 7, or submit video audition NO LATER THAN September 6. 

For video, email, and attach video via Google Drive or other large file sharing method. Video should be about one minute in length and have you dancing your own of someone else’s choreography, or improvising.