COVID-19 Protocols for Winter 2021

Dear parents and caregivers,

This document is to supply a detailed account of what protocols will be in place to ensure the safety of all children and staff during our time at MAGMA. We have taken in consideration all of the State of Massachusetts guidelines, and either meet or exceed criteria for safe operation. Please read below for how we will handle all aspects of the day.


Parents can bring children into the building, up the marble staircase. Masks must be worn into the building. There will be a greeter at the landing on the fourth floor to check in your child. A brief verbal health screening will take place here. Parents will not be allowed beyond this point. Children will be led upstairs where they will take off their shoes, wash their hands, and go into the studio.

At the end of the class, children will gather their belongings and head down to the floor below MAGMA to wait with staff for pick-up by parents or designated adult. Masks must be worn at all times during these transitions, by all parties.

If your child is showing any signs of illness, including a temperature, congestion, coughing, or body aches/chills, it is essential that you do not bring your child to class. If your child exhibits any of these symptoms during class time, parents will be called, and they will be dismissed from class.


The studio will be marked with tape, designating proper distancing. Instructors will wear masks at all times.

Children will be required to wear masks during class, with 6 feet minimum of social distance maintained at all times.  Water/breathing breaks will be given when students can maintain  a minimum of 14 feet between one another.


The bathroom, door handles, tables, and dance floor will be cleaned and disinfected daily before students arrive, with additional cleaning between classes.


There are time breaks between all classes making for a minimum foot traffic and an easily controlled flow of movement through small spaces. Hand sanitizer will be available in several locations at MAGMA. All teachers will be trained to execute and enforce all regulations and protocols. All teachers are working very hard on curriculum ideas to maintain safety standards AND create a joyful, fun-filled dance program for your children. We will do our utmost to make adherence to the rules a pleasure and not a burden, with positive reinforcement and a cheerful disposition.