COVID-19 Protocols for Spring 2022

Dear parents and caregivers,

This document is to supply a detailed account of what protocols will be in place to ensure the safety of all children and staff during our time at MAGMA. We have taken in consideration all of the State of Massachusetts guidelines, and either meet or exceed criteria for safe operation. Please read below for how we will handle all aspects of the class.


Accompanying adults may bring children directly up to the studio or send children upstairs from the floor below the studio.  Masks are requested for unvaccinated adults accompanying children.  Adults are welcome to leave during class, or to stay in the building during class time.

Children should take off shoes in the entry hall, and then wash hands before entering the studio.

If your child is showing any signs of illness, including a temperature, congestion, coughing, or body aches/chills, it is essential that you do not bring your child to class. If you child had had an exposure to a positive individual, please do an at-home test. If the test is negative they can attend class, but we do request that they wear a mask.

Accompanying adults may come up to the studio at the the end of class for pick-up or wait on the floor below.


Masks are optional for children’s classes. Windows and fans will be utilized for good ventilation.

We are maxing our children’s classes at 10 students per class to ensure ample room in the classroom for distancing – and dancing!!