Class Descriptions


Barre Workout Mat
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:00am
Strengthen, stretch, and align through exercises that work postural strength and stability, flexibility/range of motion, and ease of movement. Classes are conducted without music so we can  tune in to the body and pay attention to details! Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift.

Intermediate Ballet
Monday 9:30am
A challenging ballet technique class with focus on alignment, movement quality, and choreographic center phrases. Zoom room opens at 9:30, we start around 9:40am.

Barre Workout/All Levels Ballet
Saturday 8am
Barre workout is inspired by the Ballet barre. It is an elegant and intense workout for supple strength, alignment and balance, range of motion, and flexibility for the whole body. No dance background needed to take this class. It is followed by an optional Ballet center practice. Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift.

Barre Workout Combo
Tuesday & Thursday 8:00am
Half Barre on the Mat, half standing exercises, this class gets the whole body stretched, toned, and strengthened. Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift.

Contemporary Modern Dance
Tuesday 5:30pm
This all levels technique class, appropriate for beginners, blends standing work with influences from Cunningham, Hawkins and Release with floorwork and improvisation techniques, giving way to a full range of movement quality, expression, and exploration. The class ends with fun dance phrases and across the floor patterns. Students will develop strength, range of motion, articulation and integration. Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift. Adult class, but ages 14+ welcome.

All Levels Ballet
Thursday 5:45pm Saturday 8:00am
Thursday’s class is a thorough ballet technique class that focuses on the basics, and gets the whole body warm and moving through space. Intended for those who have some dance experience.  Saturday Morning starts with a non-traditional Barre Workout open to any level and ends with a half hour ballet center. Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift.

Cardio Hip Hop
Wednesday 6:30pm
This all levels cardio class starts with a warm-up followed by vigorous, stylish, choreographic routines.  Movement styles include hip hop, pop, club styles like house and vogue. Beginners welcome! Please wear indoor sneakers with non-marking tread. Taught by Eric Lilienthal. Adult class, but ages 14+ welcome.

Tuesday/Thursday 7:30pm
This Afro-Brazilian art form combines elements of dance, martial arts, music, and acrobatics into a fluid game between two players. Training Capoeira develops stamina, strength, flexibility, and self-awareness. Classes are taught by Atrivido, with a monthly class from Mestre Chuvisco, founder of the Boston-based group Mandingueiros dos Palmares.

Moving From Within
Thursday 10am
Through positive, non judgmental witnessing of the inner sensations of our movement, we gain access to greater calm, clarity and vitality.  This class will explore interoceptive yoga, authentic movement, as well as individual and community reflection to deepen connection to ourselves and others.  This class welcomes anyone of any age or ability into a safe and supportive environment. No prior dance experience is required. Led by Kimberly Tompkins

Make it Funky
Friday 9:30am
This all levels cardio dance class consists of continuously moving warm-up and choreographic routines.  WIth moves from 70s funk and disco, with traces of jazz, hip hop, and african dance- and a killer playlist- this class is an low-impact, energetic way to start your day.

Contemporary Flow
Contemporary Flow is a continuously moving dance experience that combines contemporary dance technique with image-based warm-ups, improvisation structures, and fun across the floor patterns. The result is an engaging, playful, unintimidating but challenging class that makes you feel amazing. Key elements developed: flexibility, strength, joint mobility/range of motion, body control and specificity, creativity.

Kripalu Yoga Dance
Join us to shake loose the stress of the week and be ready to dance into the weekend full of energy and clarity. Kripalu Yoga Dance exercises all parts of the body and soul. No experience in yoga or dance is necessary- just a willingness to be alive! This practice supports all physical abilities.


Independent Classes (pay teacher directly)

Monday 7:00pm
Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art, “the way of the sword.” Students will work on fitness training, disciplined martial forms and class structure, and attack and defence techniques using a bamboo sword. Taught by Mark Zoda.

Nia is a low impact dance system for health and wellness, great for seniors.
Read about Nia with Linda Wilkes at
To sign up contact Linda directly at

African Dance
Read about this class with Greg Coles. To sign up contact Greg directly at 

Scottish Dance
Scottish Highland Dancing is a celebration of the Scottish spirit. This all ages, all levels class explores the traditional Highland Dances and the graceful National Dances.