Class Descriptions


Barre Workout Mat
Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:00am
Strengthen, stretch, and align through exercises that work postural strength and stability, flexibility/range of motion, and ease of movement. Classes are conducted without music so we can  tune in to the body and pay attention to details! Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift.

Barre Workout Combo
Tuesday 8:00am
Half Barre on the Mat, half standing exercises, this class gets the whole body stretched, toned, and strengthened. Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift.

Intermediate Ballet
Monday 9:30am
A challenging ballet technique class with focus on alignment, movement quality, and choreographic center phrases. Zoom room opens at 9:30, we start around 9:40am.

All Levels Ballet
Wednesday 9:30am & Saturday 8am
A basic, full Ballet class with thorough barre warm-up, followed by center adagio, turns, petit and grand allegro combos.  Beginners welcome. Absolute beginners may want to start with Barre only. Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift.

Contemporary Modern Dance
Tuesday 5:45pm
This all levels technique class, appropriate for beginners, blends standing work with influences from Cunningham, Hawkins and Release with floorwork and improvisation techniques, giving way to a full range of movement quality, expression, and exploration. The class ends with fun dance phrases and across the floor patterns. Students will develop strength, range of motion, articulation and integration. Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift. Adult class, but ages 14+ welcome.

Tuesday 7:30pm
This Afro-Brazilian art form combines elements of dance, martial arts, music, and acrobatics into a fluid game between two players. Training Capoeira develops stamina, strength, flexibility, and self-awareness. Classes are taught by Ramon Alves, and affiliated with Boston-based group Mandingueiros dos Palmares.

Moving Meditation
A quiet intentional practice  drawing from Authentic Movement, and other meditation and guided movement practices.

Intuitive Dance
Intuitive Dance is a supportive space where we put various meditation techniques into practice with music and movement as our guides. We will blast our favorite jams and move how we feel and feel how we move; dancing freely into the here and now and taking what resonates from the studio to the streets. No experience necessary.

Beginner Ballet 
Thursday 6:30pm
A thorough ballet technique class that focuses on the basics, and gets the whole body warm and moving through space.  Appropriate for those who have never done Ballet before! Taught by Sarah Slifer Swift.

Beginner Ballet Basics
A class specially designed for adults to enter into Classical Ballet training for the first time, but also great for folks coming back after a long hiatus! The class is slow-paced, with lots of time for each exercise, full of detail and tips for how to execute each move well with full embodiment.

Clubbing meets self-care! Hot tracks to get you moving. Crazy moves, resting, rolling around on the floor, all acceptable. No judgement! The most fun you can have on a school nite 🙂

Contemporary Flow
Contemporary Flow is a continuously moving dance experience that combines contemporary dance technique with image-based warm-ups, improvisation structures, and fun across the floor patterns. The result is an engaging, playful, unintimidating but challenging class that makes you feel amazing. Key elements developed: flexibility, strength, joint mobility/range of motion, body control and specificity, creativity.

Independent Classes (pay teacher directly)

BALANCE IN MOTION with Dianna Daly, Thursdays, 11:00-12:00
Dianna Daly is a Dance for PD© certified teaching artist with 40 years experience in teaching movement and the past 10 specializing in seniors and people with Parkinsons. Her classes are a unique blend of seated and standing exercises set to fun and engaging music. The movement sequences promote flexibility, balance, strength and creativity. Dianna has had the pleasure of teaching her Balance in Motion class in Gloucester for the past 8 years. It was first hosted by the Rose Baker Senior Center, then The Cape Ann Museum Green Space and now at Magma.This is a community based class for people with Parkinsons but is appropriate and beneficial to all.
Classes are currently free of charge and sponsored by American Parkinsons Disease Association, the Parkinsons Foundation and Parkinsons Fitness.
Contact Dianna at
Israeli Folk Dance for Beginners
Have a ball in the MAGMA Ballroom! Join Cape Ann’s Beth Berkowitz Gordon for a 3-week Israeli Folk Dance series for beginners or folks who want to shake off the rust! Learn basic steps such as Yemenite, Mayim, Tcherkessia in classic dances enjoyed around the world. Enjoy uplifting music while learning dances choreographed over the decades! Participants should wear dance sneakers or shoes, bring a water bottle and dress in layers. Social distancing will be observed and a signed liability waiver is required prior to dancing. Questions? Please email Beth at Note: Dancing on Sundays will continue throughout the year depending upon level of interest.

African Dance with Greg Coles
Read about this class  To sign up contact Greg directly at 

Bang Muay Thai with Nathan Zimmerman

MT is a rigorously developed striking system created by Sensei Duane “Bang” Ludwig and informed by UFC Hall-of-Famer Bas Rutten. It incorporates elements of Muay Thai, Dutch Kickboxing, American Boxing, and traditional martial arts to culminate in a world-class striking system. In BMT Kickboxing, you will learn a variety of kickboxing combos and techniques that will quickly advance your striking game and increase your conditioning… and you’ll have a great time doing it. Email Nathan at