The People Danced: Ballroom

The Gloucester Cultural Initiative, in partnership with Gloucester 400+, invites you to join us for a night exploring Gloucester’s dance history. In this episode of “The People Danced” we focus on ballroom dance, as well as the regional dances from the Azores and Sicily. The evening will include a ballroom dance demonstration and a dance lesson from Tina LaFlam and her students, plus stories and dance demos from the members of Gloucester’s St. Peter’s Club and the D.E.S. Portuguese Club.
This event is FREE to the public! Refreshments will be served.
MAGMA can be accessed via the stairs at 11 Pleasants Street, or by elevator in Brown’s Mall, entrance at 186 Main Street or door between MAGMA front door and Breakwater Poke.
This event is funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Program 2


Ballet III/IV      Hedwig’s Dream

Eleanor     Ruby     Leia      Karina      Teacher: Sarah Swift

Pre-Ballet           Wonderland Tea Party  
Cora    Phoenix    Natalie   Ellie    Isaac    Isabelle   Dahlia     Teacher: Molly Tupper


Ballet II        Etude: Coppelia

Charley   Hunter   Fletcher   Teacher: Sarah Swift


Contemporary II           Landing in Wonder

Amelie     Divina     Teacher: Jillian Chavez-Oliveira


Creative Movement        Dancer Dancer, What do you See?

Emily   Nori   Ryder   Runa     Teacher: Molly Tupper


Ballet III          Etude: Romeo and Juliet

Eleanor     Thea     Ruby     Teacher: Sarah Swift


Ballet II           Waltz of the Roses

Eliza     Divina     Amelie    Chloe    Louisa   Teacher: Lissa Geggis


Contemporary II/III       Sherlock

Charley    Hunter    Fletcher    Thea    Eleanor    Ruby    Teacher: Sarah Swift


Capoeira           Song of Freedom

Kaya   Perry    Taylor   Celeste   Divina   Sadie   VV

Teachers: Ramon Alves and Sarah Swift

Intro to Tai-Chi Chuan Long Form with Kampa VaShi Deva

Introduction To Tai-Chi Long Form
Saturday March 10, 2018 @ MAGMA
All Levels Welcome! No Experence Needed

The Classical Yang Family Long Form is a traditional Tai-Chi Chuan form passed down to family members and disciples by the Great-Great Grand Master Yang Cheng-Fu (1883-1936) who is famously known as the father of the 108 Form.

The descriptive meaning of Tai-Chi is “superior-ultimate”. In other literal versions it is known as a “moving meditation” or “moving like a great river”. The word Chuan means fist”. In Chinese texts Chuan also means boxing”. Together Tai-Chi Chuan means Superior-Ultimate Shadow Boxing. This practice is a martial art with slow, relaxed, and flowing movements. It is ideal for those seeking gentle rehabilitative exercises for reducing tension and stress of the body. In today’s modern medicine doctors refer Tai-Chi to their clients for supporting balance and controlling anxiety. Devoted students are known to study Tai-Chi Chuan for “innate power” of your “true nature” through calmness. It is a low impact exercise that emphasizes on balance, grace, and fluidity through motion.

As you learn the late Yang Cheng Fu’s form you will focus on physical body alignments (body structure) and methods of moving (body mechanics) to prevent and heal various injuries as well as making both body and mind stronger more relaxed and focused. The internal frame is largely emphasized with expanded movements specialized in what we refer to as Qi, Energy in the body. (See schedule below)

This class is lead by Kampa VaShi Deva (Sifu Nicanor Snow) founder of the Seacoast Tai-Chi Institute

All Levels Welcome
For Active Individuals
No Experience Needed

Registration & Walk-In Fee $88
Pre-Register Online On Eventbrite Fee $71 (+$6.01) Save $9.99
Limited Space 30 Count
Organizer Refund Policy: Refunds up to 7 days before event

*Please remember to be well nourishes before attending.
Bring water and a snack for the break. No recreational drugs or alcohol permitted!

Street shoes are not permitted on studio floor.

Workshop Schedule:
12:00pm – Tai-Chi Basics, Increments & Qigong
1:00pm – Internal Postures & Tai-Chi Kung
1:45pm – Break/ water or snack
2:00pm – Section One – Classical Long Form
3:00pm – Practice and Coaching
4:00pm – Finish

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