MAGMA is a center for movement practices where people of all ages can discover, develop, and create in a broad curriculum of movement styles. We offer dance technique, improvisation-based classes, martial arts, fitness, movement for special populations, and somatics workshops.  MAMGA is an inclusive, non-discriminatory place to move, regardless of dance experience, age, body type, race, sexual orientation, or disability.

MAGMA is venue for performances spanning dance, theater, performance art, and interdisciplinary practices. It is the host venue of the Live Arts Series, established in 2014, which produces performances of experimental dance, music, and performance art from local, national, and international artists. The series works in collaboration with Matthew Swift Gallery (formerly Trident Gallery) of Gloucester.



Sarah Slifer Swift


Kate Tarlow Morgan

Vincent Cacialano

Matthew Swift


Sarah Fader

Eric Lilienthal

Molly Tupper

Sarah Slifer Swift

Ramon Alves

Lissa Geggis

Benji Davis

Jillian Chavez-Oliveira